About Julie

Chef Julie Hoskins has cooked professionally for for over a decade, and her career is the culmination of a lifetime obsession of preparing good food. Many of her favorite ingredients, such as vegetables, shellfish and fresh herbs allow her the license to create parings to go with fine wines. Chef Julie is the founder of Chic Le Chef Catering in Hidden Valley Lake, California, and host of "The Culinary View" radio show. She teaches culinary classes and wine pairing education and can be reached at www.unexpectedchef.com. Her inspiration for the web domain "Unexpected Chef" comes from the surprised faces she encounters when someone comes into the kitchen at a major event looking for the chef and discovering that she's the chef.

In a recent interview, she had this to say:

Several years ago I took a "passionate hobby" and turned it into a real life career. What a big change it was! Cooking professionally with time constraints, equipment malfunction and discriminating customer tastes change my perspective on what it is to be a chef.

Although my lifestyle was turned on its head with 15 hour days, cooking for hundreds and re-thinking everything I did at home before, I don't have any regrets. Instead of knowing what to expect, I quickly learned to anticipate that anything can take an unexpected turn, and no matter what, you can't worry about it in advance, you just have to make it happen. "I've got this!" became my motto.

I do love cooking for a living, but nothing compares to cooking from the heart for the man I love. He supports me and said "go for it" when he easily could have said "You've got to be crazy!". This blog is about taking what I've learned as a private chef, catering for a living, cooking in extreme conditions and bringing it home for two people who love food.