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More diners are showing an interest in international foods that go beyond what has typically been featured in US restaurants, -More
Dungeness and other varieties of crab are a popular addition to holiday dishes, such as the crab piadina topped with mascarpo -More
Finishing al dente pasta in a pan of sauce can lead to overcooking, writes Alex Delany.  -More
Burnt caramel, blood orange and elderflower are among the flavors that Synergy Flavors predicts will be big in 2018.  -More
The National Restaurant Association's annual hot trends forecast from chefs made the list of most-read food and beverage stor -More
The term IPA, which stands for India pale ale, has evolved to connote hoppy flavor in just about any type of beer, Josh Noel  -More
Competitive value menus and consumer demand for experiences are among the trends expected to heat up in the quickserve segmen -More
South Florida chefs are pushing for sustainable fishing practices to fight back against overfishing, pollution and other issu -More
Phil Armstrong, writer
After working for two years at Noma in Denmark as a pastry chef, Malcolm Livingston II has returned to the Bronx to work with -More
The original Caesar salad was created by Caesar Cardini at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, and was meant to be eaten by ha -More
The Russian honey cake at Michelle Polzine's 20th Century Cafe in San Francisco captivates customers with its complex flavor  -More
The fig, which Packaged Facts named as one of 10 noteworthy trends in its Food Forecast 2018, has been gaining popularity on  -More
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Frank Caiafa, longtime bartender at Peacock Alley in New York's now-closed Waldorf Astoria Hotel, recommends using cream or h -More
Kellogg's will open a 5,000-square-foot cereal cafe dubbed Kellogg's NYC in New York City's Union Square neighborhood today.  -More
The rise of the fast casual segment has spawned a new generation of venture funds looking to identify and invest in early-sta -More
Black cardamom's flame-dried preparation gives the spice a smoky scent and strong flavor.  -More
Mikhail Gorbachev, political leader