Forget Store Bought Vinaigrettes

The variations for salad dressings or rather vinaigrettes are endless. In most cases a creamy vinaigrette involves the use of an egg yolk (pasteurized) or mustard to create an emulsion. Classic vinaigrettes require a simple ratio of one part acid to three parts oil.

Mushroom Cream Sauce

It's strange to think that several decades ago I was known amongst my friends and family as a "gourmet". My signature dish as a young mother was chicken with mushroom sauce over rice. It began with sauteed chicken breast cubes in oil.

It's a Brave New World!

The most unlikely suspects are throwing around terms like "terroir", "sustainable" and "artisan".

My Cookbook Obsession

People who know me are generally aware that I have a passion for cooking. But what often surprises people is what many consider to be an obsession. I love cookbooks. I enjoy reading them, I think about what went into creating them, and I love holding them in my hands.

Pairing Sauvignon Blanc – Asparagus and Fennel Salad with Beets

Wine and food paring comes with a little understanding of “profiling.” Our taste buds acknowledge that Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with shellfish, tomatoes, young cheese, and green vegetables. The wine itself has aromatic flavors from grapefruit to melon and even mineral or grass.