Is Bacon Here to Stay?

Every year, food columnists the world over try to predict the latest trends for the industry. When will the "Burger Bubble" burst? Will the cupcake ever topple from its throne? Couldn't you just go for a zucchini pizza with hummus, goat cheese and wasabi peas right now? These and other burning questions surface at the beginning of the new year.

Tomato Fever

Everyone has some date in the year they mark as a special one. Mine is the day I make my first tomato sandwich of the year! This is just not any sandwich, mind you. It requires a tomato grown on the vine, carefully tended to and done the right way with the sun feeding it. I know when I cut into its flesh the unmistakable burst of tomato goodness, something I've waited the whole year for. The tomato is warm from just coming from its sun soaked days and heavy for its size, a true sign of juicy goodness.

The Twelve Minute Egg

I can't remember when my quest for the perfect method for making hardboiled eggs began. I do know that a hardboiled egg can become many things such as a garnish on a salad or vegetable, a delicious egg salad sandwich or even the elegant deviled egg. It's just that the process of getting the right consistency of yolk and white as well as having easy to peel shells eluded me. I of course read up on it.

White after Labor Day ?

Absolutely! Especially when it comes to rich white wines like Chardonnay, Viognier and Roussane. As a fan of white wines, I especially enjoy crisp whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio with the lighter fare of the summer.

The fall weather suggests more red wine and food pairings, yet I don’t despair because of what the amazing array of whites can offer. These structured whites have complex flavor profiles that include apple, pear and even some “creaminess” when aged in oak. Perfect for fall dishes, right?